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To back a project

To back a project is super simple! Explore the campaigns on Catalyst, and choose a project you want to help make happen. Campaign rewards are based on the size of your contribution, but every dollar helps make a difference! Even if you’re not a financial backer, you can show your support by spreading the word about the projects you love on your social networks. For further information please read our FAQ.

To start a project is just 3 easy steps:

  1. Getting Started

    The Centre for Social Innovation’s (CSI) Catalyst is open to anyone, anywhere, working to make the world a better place. When you raise money on Catalyst, you gain access to heaps of social capital by becoming a member of CSI. CSI is a platform for the emergence of world-changing initiatives, collaborations and enterprises. Read our community page for more info. The first step is to submit your project by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page to see if your project qualifies. Simply put, we’re looking for projects that can make a positive difference in your community, country or the world.

  2. Building your project

    After clicking the submit button below, you’ll be sent to a form where you can draft a brief description of your project. At this stage, you should have a deep understanding of your project, what you need funding for (and how much), and why people should support you. Tell us what kind of rewards you can offer to encourage people to lend their financial support to your project. Let us know where we can find more information about your project online.

    Once your project is accepted, we will correspond with you to get more details about your project. We’ll send you campaign guidelines that will help you understand all the components needed for a successful crowdfunding campaign. You’ll craft your story in text and video, and come up with creative rewards so that it resonates with people and inspires them to back you. An important point is to be realistic and transparent about your goals. Keep in mind the four critical factors that make a crowdfunding campaign successful: the idea, your ability to tap into networks of potential supporters, creative and enticing rewards, and promoting the heck out of your campaign.

  3. Tell the world loud and proud!

    Once your project has launched, the real work begins! You need to be ready to promote your project on an ongoing basis, reach out to your networks to communicate your ask, and build support for your campaign. Leverage your social networks to get the word out. Use social media to keep the buzz going. Seek out journalists, bloggers or organizations that are somehow connected to your work and ask them to write about your campaign. Be creative!

    That’s it! For more information feel free to check out our FAQ.


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